Portfolio - ABB

Accommodation Batemans Bay


Booking platform for Accommodation Providers

The client

Accommodation Batemans Bay is owned and run by Clydeview Holiday Park and Lakesea Park.

The brief

Integrate with the RMS Online booking system, to allow a customised look and feel though retain the existing booking functionality.

The project

Accommodation Batemans Bay is built in WordPress and uses a custom developed plugin to integrate with the API provided by the RMS Online Booking System. 101 developed the UX of the platform and the system can be used direct using the search form on the homepage, or launched direct from a Property and location via the Lakesea of Clydeview websites. In the event of a break in the API there is fallback options built into the plugin to still allow online bookings to be made.

The results

A majority of bookings for both parks are made via direct URL, using the Accommodation Batemans Bay platform, the product is scalable to add more accommodation providers and can integrate with API’s of other booking providers.