Business Continuity at an Affordable Price

 Business Continuity plans are designed to keep you online and available


Free Trial. No Contract. Cancel Anytime

  • Active security monitoring and quarantine
  • Uptime monitor
  • Security upgrades and patches
  • Monthly backups
  • Complete archive
  • Labour to restore site
  • 1hr content assist or Digital Consult session
  • Unlimited tech support
  • Unlimited access to Web Design Secretsand hundreds of “How to instructional videos”
  • Jump the queue with priority support
  • 6 month SEO audits

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need a care package?

An Online Care package saves you time administering one of your business’ most valuable asset. They are specifically designed to keep your website running smoothly and protected.

2. Can’t I just do this myself?

Of course you can, after we build the site you are handed the keys and you are in control. Before you decided, couple of questions to consider: Though do you service your car yourself? Do you have time? Wouldn’t you rather be focusing on your business?

3. What is content assist?

Content assistance is designed to take the pressure off and update your website on your behalf. We ensure that each update is performed inline with SEO best practice, ensuring no broken links and embarrassing content errors.

4. If I don’t subscribe, am I on my own?

Well, Yes and No. We will always be here to help out, though we can’t be on call. That wouldn’t be fair to the clients subscribed to our service. You will miss out on the little extras we provide to our subscribed clients, though these are always available to purchase if and when you need them.

5. Why am I always updating WordPress?

Sometimes it can seem like WordPress releases a new version or patch every second day. This is a good thing, as popular as WordPress is with business owners like you, it is equally popular for hackers to have a good go. That is why updating WordPress with each version is the single best way to ensure you are protected.

Plus our self-hosted packages, will allow you to be behind 2 versions from current. Any further then that and we have to suspend the service. This is not done to be an inconvenience to you, it is to stop you being an inconvenience to others, by having an insecure website you compromise the security of the service to others.

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