Why go with 101 Web Technology?

Simple, We get results, through a human centred approach to understanding people and technology backed with the experience to bring the two together for your organisation.

Our emphasis is evidence based design, well-crafted content, and integrated strategies. Our solutions are focused on your growth as a business and we partner with our clients to achieve growth with demonstrable and real data driven solutions.

To achieve your goals, we follow defined methods and processes ensuring the best outcome for your business. You may have heard the term "Inbound" before -- but what is it, exactly?
At its core, Inbound is a more helpful and human approach to growing your business through attracting clients, engaging solutions or services and delighting with great customer service.

Inbound provides value, and builds trust and gets results.

Who is
101 web technology?

101 Web Technology is your strategic digital partner. We understand people and technology with the know how to bring the two together for your organisation.

A full service digital agency blending research, design and delivery, we provide evidence based customer experiences to drive your business to the next level.

Let’s dig a little deeper, What Is Inbound?

Inbound is a business methodology that attracts and retains customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them. While traditional outbound marketing interrupts your audience with content they don’t want (tried scrolling through Facebook, or watching a YouTube video lately), inbound forms connections your clients are looking for and solves problems they already have.

Let's look at how your marketing, sales, and service teams can leverage HubSpot to achieve their goals.

101 Web Technology and HubSpot

Certified by HubSpot as an Agency Partner - 101 Web Technology are experts in implementing the HubSpot Growth Platform, a solution built to complement the inbound approach to doing business, wrapped in an easy to use all-in-one solution.


Marketing, sales, service, and IT teams collaborate to nurture your customers.

Ideally your customer-facing teams works at peak efficiency to support the buyer's journey in a seamless way. In reality there are bottlenecks that lead to friction. Where do you see opportunities to improve your business?

The HubSpot Growth Platform

HubSpot's all-in-one marketing, sales, and service platform is built to help you implement inbound and grow better. With your client contact, all powered by the same database, everyone in your organisation no matter their position, Marketing, Sales, Services & IT -- are all working off the same system of record. If you are a smaller organisation where people often do more than one role the HubSpot Growth Platform, saves you from wearing multiple hats all the time. For example by simply defining your marketing processes, systemise and let the platform automatically nurture your leads to sales prospects.

All in all allowing for a smoother handoff between teams, and a more delightful experience for your customers.

Here are just some of the tools found in the HubSpot Growth Platform that your marketing, sales and service teams can leverage.


  • Marketing

    Generate qualified leads. Generate content, capture leads, and nurture them until they're qualified and sales-ready.

  • Sales

    Turn leads into customers. Engage potential buyers, demonstrate the value of your offering, and close deals.

  • Service

    Convert customers into promoters Resolve customer issues to ensure success that generates positive word of mouth.

  • CMS

    Convert customers into promoters Resolve customer issues to ensure success that generates positive word of mouth.

Grow Better with HubSpot CRM

A suite of software that helps your business grow better by integrating every team’s tools, data, and processes.

See the full list of tools available in HubSpot.

HubSpot CRM features

Marketing Hub

All-in-one inbound marketing software that has everything you need to get found, engage new people, and nurture them into leads that sales will love. See the full list of tools available in HubSpot.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

Service Hub

Customer service tools to help you connect with customers, exceed their expectations, and turn them into promoters that grow your business. See the full list of tools available in HubSpot.

Sales Hub

A powerful suite of tools that gives you deeper insights into your prospects, automates busywork, and helps you close more deals faster. See the full list of tools available in HubSpot.


Flexible enough for marketers--and powerful enough for developers--to create amazing customer experiences. See the full list of tools available in HubSpot.


101 Web Technology has helped grow and develop our business’ website and digital strategy with great patience and understanding. Any issues that we encountered were addressed very promptly. Communication is excellent and as a small business sometimes we struggle to find time to get our responses back to 101, but gentle encouragement from our Account Manager gets us back on target. Our think tank meetings have allowed us to have a say in what we want for our business and how we want to shape it to adapt to the evolving and dynamic digital technologies.

Dan Power, Uneke Furniture


We approached Phil and the team at 101 Web Technology very early in our start-up phase with a concept for our business. Over the next 2 years,101 Web Technology was not only able to guide in the design and prototyping of our product, they were also able to provide advisory, development and technical support to realise our global digital micro lottery platform. Given the complexities of regulatory compliance within the gaming industry, never did the101 Web Technology team back down from a challenge to provide best practice guidance across the range of technologies and service design. 101 Web Technology has proven itself as strategic partner to Honeypot Lotto Limited. I am confident that much of the success of the Honeypotlotto.com platform operating in 50 countries across Europe is due to our ongoing relationship with Phil and 101 Web Technology team.

Rodney Andriolo, Honeypot Lotto Limited