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COVID Safe with 101 Digital

Belconnen Soccer Club reopens their doors to a new world post the mandatory COVID-19 shutdown. A world where compliance to new safety measures are important to keep people safe and maintain trade. As entertainment venues start to re-open a key aspect of the COVID Safe action plan is contact tracing. While many businesses are choosing to use the old pen and paper method and collect piles of date stamped paper, Belconnen Soccer Club required a more effective method of collecting information which if required enables them to provide detailed information to health authorities within minutes of a request.

How 101 Digital + HubSpot solved these problems

Using HubSpot CRM and Marketing, 101 Digital developed a digital first approach, capturing point in time visitor information, making it easy for customers to provide information and the club to comply with the new safety measures.

QR Code

QR codes when scanned direct people to a digital form hosted on the clubs website. To cater for the clubs multiple venues a dynamic field was created to capture the venue information, without having the user type or select the venue.
Being an entertainment venue, the club is likely to have repeat visitors. To further streamline the compliance procedures, on return visits the forms will pre-populate the visitor information and allow the customer to simply check the information and submit.

Improved reporting

Business reporting is made simple with HubSpot’s form submission data and campaign reports.
When a form is submitted, the CRM creates a new record with date/time stamps. The available reporting, gives the business an overview of visitors to the club during a selected time period. This information is exportable in a variety of formats for re-use in other systems.

Improved communication

Being COVID Safe means you can quickly disseminate information to the right people at the right time.
CRM provides centralised contact lists, making targeted communication direct from the club easy. Segmenting or filtering the list of contacts, allows the venue to easily communicate messaging to customers who visited during a selected period.


Belconnen Soccer Club’s Operations Manager, Suzy Berry said during these unprecedented times we need to stay safe and make the necessary changes to ensure we can keep our customers and staff safe, and if required an efficient method of providing all the visitor information to Health authorities.
After months with no trade, we already had enough to worry about. We didn’t want additional overheads when we simply needed to get back to business.
We already use HubSpot for outbound email and social communications to members, when 101 suggested we could extend our use to capture the required information for COVID Safe contact tracing it was a no brainer.

101 comment

Phil Barnes, owner of 101 Digital said for other businesses where COVID contact tracing is important to keeping your business open, this technique could be replicated using cost effective and already available tools such as HubSpot CRM and your existing website.

Tools we used:

  • HubSpot CRM (Free)
  • HubSpot Marketing Pro (Paid)
  • QR Code Monkey – (Free)
  • WordPress (Mixed)
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